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Tree Removal

Our experienced climbers are skilled in the removal of all sized trees, which can be a difficult and dangerous job. Situations where there is limited access, trees with extreme decay or those near utility lines can pose extra challenges, which is why tree removal should only be done by professionals.

Our highly trained crew will make sure your home is safe and protected when removing your tree.  We’ll carefully dismantle your tree and remove it piece by piece to minimize damage to the surrounding area. 

In addition, dangerous limbs and trunks are roped and slowly lowered to the ground after cuts have been made.

Tree Pruning

Without regular tree trimming, tree limbs will grow beyond their proper length and can come into contact with power lines.  This can cause all sorts of electrical problems, including outages, power surges, electrical spikes and fires.

These wayward branches and limbs can also weaken over time, which makes them more susceptible to breaking and possibly falling on a person or car passing by, even your home.

In addition to the potential injury they can cause, they can also be a liability to you – a headache you most definitely don’t want.  To keep everyone safe and reduce your chances of an unexpected accident, call for your free estimate on tree trimming.

Tree Maintenance

Also called preventative maintenance, preventative pruning or structural pruning, it covers a range of tree thinning services such as crown cleaning or crown reduction and may include one or all of the following:

  • Removal of small branches to allow wind to pass through and sunlight to reach all branches
  • Trimming or removing weak, dead or decayed branches
  • Trimming to decrease surface area of lateral branches to lessen wind resistance

All the items above reduce the likelihood of branches breaking or a tree toppling in a storm or high wind situation. Trees are wondrous and built to adjust to most things but sometimes Mother Nature delivers a whopper they just can’t compensate for and that’s when damage occurs.

That’s where preventative pruning comes in as it’s not only good for the trees, it also gives you peace of mind. You’ll feel better knowing you did what you could to keep your family safe while reducing potential damage to your home and property. Can you see that spending a little money now on your trees can save you a lot later on?

How do I know when my tree needs care?

  • Dead wood
  • Cracks in tree
  • Decay
  • Cut or crushed roots
  • Tree starting to lean
  • Soil being pushed up opposite the leaning side
  • Poor composition (imbalanced)

Emergency Service

Wether a tree has fallen on your home, car, street or spouse, we will respond to your emergency situation as swiftly and skillfully as possible. Sometimes you can’t wait to have a tree removed, especially if it’s near live electrical lines.  It can also cause injury or further damage to your property so take advantage of our 24-hour emergency tree removal service.  Our crews specialize in removing dangerous trees in hazardous conditions anywhere in Seattle or the Eastside, from Bothell to Snoqualmie to Bellevue to Auburn.

Day or night, we’ll come out and take your damaged tree off of your property so you don’t have to look at the unsightly mess.  You definitely want a professional for this job, as there may be dangerous conditions present and we’ll know exactly what precautions to take to keep everyone safe without causing further harm.

Sometimes tree trimming service may solve your problem. When there are fallen or broken branches, it’s sometimes hard to tell to what extent a tree has been damaged.  At first, you may think a tree needs removing when it really only needs trimming service to restore it to a healthy state.


Keep the trees on your property healthy by calling Olsons Outdoor Improvements.  We service the entire Seattle area including the Eastside, from Bothell to Auburn. 

Our certified arborists are trained in the art and science of planting, care for and maintaining trees and the surrounding landscape. 

Whether you are concerned about disease, having your trees pruned to reduce potential storm damage or other issues; our arborists are knowledgeable in the needs of all trees. 

As ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) members, we are current with the latest methods of caring for and removing your trees.  To give you some added peace of mind, we are licensed, bonded and fully insured.

It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about 1 tree on your property or multiple trees; our arborists are trained to deal with both individual trees and large, complex landscape ecosystems.  We are dedicated to all aspects of arboriculture and continue to learn and expand our knowledge of local NW plant life and tree care.


You have beautiful trees surrounding your construction site or renovation project and want to protect and preserve them for the future.  That’s what tree preservation is all about-using preventative measures to protect a tree when you know damage may occur.

Our certified arborists will be able to assess the situation and develop the best course of action for you.  By taking the right steps at the beginning of your project, it’s possible to prevent or minimize any harm to the trees.

  • Root pruning-cut out excess and fibrous roots for a healthier tree.
  • Protective fencing-keep away heavy equipment and traffic to prevent damage.
  • Pruning deadwood-removing any diseased or dying limbs to keep the tree healthy.
  • Installing mulch around the tree-prevents surface root damage and retain moisture.

    Olson’s Outdoor Improvements has an ISA Certified Arborist on staff to deal with residential and commercial reports and permitting.

Brush Clearing

Have tall grasses, weeds, blackberry bushes or small trees taken over your property? If you thought clearing that land was hopeless, we have the solution for all Seattle and Eastside homeowners, from Woodinville to Fall City to Kent.

Olson’s has expanded our business to include brush clearing services to help homeowners with areas of their properties that have become unmanageable. Whether you have a small portion that’s been taken over by blackberries or a field that needs clearing, we now have the equipment and manpower to do the job.

Pride in ownership is why so many homeowners strive to make their property look nice. It’s especially important if you intend to sell sometime in the future as market value can be increased by doing tree and vegetation removal. Plus, potential buyers will have added interest when they see your well-maintained land.

So, whether you’re looking to landscape the area or simply clean it up, brush cutting by Eastside Tree Works is an economical way to improve your residential property. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation free consult by one of our tree experts. We do all the work so you can sit back and relax.

Stump Grinding

You’ve had a tree removed from your Seattle home or business and now you need to deal with the stump.  Letting Mother Nature gradually wear down the stump is one option though leaving the stump doesn’t allow you many options for restoring your landscape.   

As a full service tree company, Eastside Tree Works offers stump grinding as the fastest and least abrasive way to remove your stump. 

The size of your tree stump isn’t an issue as Eastside has a variety of specialized grinders to tackle all stumps, large or small.  Of course, the larger the stump, the longer it takes to grind it into wood chips.

Removing your stump offers you the most options as you can plant grass or other trees, flowers or shrubs where your stump used to be.  You’ll enjoy having us do the work so all you need to do is make plans for the area.

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