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Tree Preservation









Preserve & Protect Your Trees During Your Construction or Renovation

With the right team of experts, and the proper use of tree preservation methods, you can minimize any potential damage and ensure the good health of your tree for many more years to come.


Tree Preservation is a Multi-faceted Process

Several methods including the following can be integral to preserving the health of your tree during a construction or renovation: root pruning your tree, installing protective fencing around your tree, pruning deadwood on your tree, and installing mulch around the tree.


What if my tree is already damaged or getting unstable?

If your tree has already experienced damage, our team of tree experts may be able to help. If tree limbs are growing to heavy are lacking structural integrity, Olson's Outdoor Improvements can installs cables and braces to prevent potential collapses and reinforce your tree structurally.


What if my tree is already diseased on some parts?

Our highly trained team can identify and being Pruning to remove any diseased sections or limbs of the tree for healthier growth and to prevent further spread to your other trees.

Get A Free Estimate on Tree Preservation

Our highly trained team can identify any potential hazards and take precautionary measures to ensure the well being of your tree. Call Olson's Outdoor Improvements at (206) 605-8839 for a Free Estimate on Tree Preservation