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    Whether you're in need of Tree Service (i.e. Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Crowning, etc.), Fence Building (i.e. Cedar Planked, Topped Cedar, etc.), or Firewood, at the best prices locally. Olson's Outdoor Improvements has the expertise and experience to deliver quality and customer satisfaction everytime. Call us now at 206-605-8839 to Schedule Your Free Estimate Read More
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  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Preservation
  • Emergency Response: Storms & Natural Disasters
  • Affordable Quality Firewood
  • Deck Building Services

Olson's Outdoor Improvements is an industry expert in Tree Removal. From enormous Oak Trees and mighty pines to shrubs and brush, Olson's Outdoor Improvements has the specialized team and tools to get any job done. We combine years of experience with the newest technologies, the highest safety standards, and tremendous attention to detail to ensure the job is done right and your property remains in pristine condition.


Specially Trained & Experienced

Our highly experienced team of climbers and specialists are capable of removing all sizes and types of trees. Even in cases of limited access, intensive tree decay, our team of professionals can get it done.


The Safety of Your Family and Property is Our Utmost Priority

Our highly trained team, will take all possible precautions and countermeasures to ensure the safety of your family and property. We hold ourselves to the industry's highest safety standards and will carefully and systematically remove your tree portion by portion to remove your tree in the safest and orderliest manner possible.


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Olson's Outdoor Improvements offers, no obligation estimates free of charge. Call Us at (206) 605-8839 for your Free Estimate.

Encourage Healthier Trees

Tree Pruning offers numerous benefits and our team at Olson's Outdoor Improvements utilize industry leading methods to keep your trees healthy for years to come.


Our Experts Specialize in Tree Pruning & Trimming

Whether we're cleaning the tree canopy to thin or raise the crown, cutting off dead & diseased branches to ensure tree health, or craftfully shaping and fine pruning for asthetics; we will keep your trees healthier and at their pristine best.


Minimize Potential Hazards

Tree Pruning in areas with area limited access or with obstacles or nearby hazards such as power lines can be dangerous and should be conducted by professionals. Our team of tree specialists are experienced in performing well in even the most extreme conditions and will complete the job, effectively and with the protection of your family and property's safety as the first priority.


For A Free Estimate on Tree Pruning & Trimming Call Olson's Outdoor Improvements at (206) 605-8839 for your Free Estimate.









Preserve & Protect Your Trees During Your Construction or Renovation

With the right team of experts, and the proper use of tree preservation methods, you can minimize any potential damage and ensure the good health of your tree for many more years to come.


Tree Preservation is a Multi-faceted Process

Several methods including the following can be integral to preserving the health of your tree during a construction or renovation: root pruning your tree, installing protective fencing around your tree, pruning deadwood on your tree, and installing mulch around the tree.


What if my tree is already damaged or getting unstable?

If your tree has already experienced damage, our team of tree experts may be able to help. If tree limbs are growing to heavy are lacking structural integrity, Olson's Outdoor Improvements can installs cables and braces to prevent potential collapses and reinforce your tree structurally.


What if my tree is already diseased on some parts?

Our highly trained team can identify and being Pruning to remove any diseased sections or limbs of the tree for healthier growth and to prevent further spread to your other trees.

Get A Free Estimate on Tree Preservation

Our highly trained team can identify any potential hazards and take precautionary measures to ensure the well being of your tree. Call Olson's Outdoor Improvements at (206) 605-8839 for a Free Estimate on Tree Preservation


We specialize in removing dangerous trees in hazardous conditions.

Our experienced team of specialist is highly trained in tree removal even in the most extreme conditions. We maintain industry leading safety standards to ensure your family and your property is protected and that the job is done right.


Fast & Prompt Emergency Response

After storm conditions can be very dangerous and often times very inconvenient, if your tree is blocking a roadway or has collapsed onto your property we have the tools the highly trained team to get any tree removed quickly and safely.


We Offer No-Obligation, Free Estimates

Our experts can assess the situation and give you a prompt and free estimate onsite. Schedule your free estimate by calling Olson's Outdoor Improvements at (206) 605-8839

Firewood Seattle

Split Firewood Cords

1 split firewood cord only $350

2 split firewood cords only $600

*deal*3 split cords only $750

 Firewood Bellevue

Firewood Rounds Cords

1 cord of rounds only $175

2 cords of rounds only  $325

3 cords of rounds only $450

Note: Delivery also available! Call: 206-605-8839

Gorgeous Cedar Decks Built to Perfection

Make your property shine with our gorgeous decks and patios. Our team of experts at Olson's Outdoor Improvements will build your deck to perfection and at the best prices locally. We're Local and Licensed. Our Top Notch Deck Building Team can deliver tastefully done deck work at nearly half the cost of the "big" companies.

We proudly serve Seattle's Eastside, including: Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Kent, Renton, Auburn and more. Call us now at 206 605 8839 for your Free Estimate.

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"Summertime just got even more awesome! Now I have a place to lounge while I watch the kids, thanks Olson's Outdoor Improvements!

-Heather Cho, Bellevue, WA



Recent Deck Projects


Deck Railing

A stunning addition to any outdoor space.

Only $37.50 per linear foot


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